Virginity before marriage

A virgin in simple definition is someone who has never had sex. In this article we would be focusing on the female sex and how pertinent it is in our contemporary society to keep it till the wedding night.
The issue of virginity before marriage is often a sensitive topic and it’s always met with different opinions from the both sexes, some concurring and some against it.
In the past generations, it was always considered a taboo for a girl to have sexual relations before she is being given away to be married. I remember my mother always told my sisters of how my father met her at home when they got married when giving them lessons on chastity, it was her way of saying she was a virgin till her marriage night. In her era they married young and they mostly did not have boyfriends or years of courtship before marriage. Any man showing interest in you always had the motive of being your husband.
I went out with some male friends to share a couple of drinks, topics led to topics and the issue of getting married to a virgin came up and I was surprised at the diverse opinions I heard. One of my friends said he could never get married to a virgin because he would want the girl to have tasted and tried other men for her to know the quality of sex he’s offering. Another said he would love to get married to a virgin but he was only afraid of her getting to love intercourse and being tempted to know how it feels with someone else thereby leading to infidelity. The arguments continued back and forth with no obvious winner each person holding his opinions dearly.
However, research has shown that a girl can actually lose her virginity though she has not had sexual intercourse. The hymen which is the piece of skin that partly covers the opening of the vagina in women who have never had sex can be broken through a number of ways. It can happen during masturbation, cycling or if the woman is active in sports.
In countries like India where love marriages and live in relationships are not accepted easily, it is considered a big and cathartic event. Most people say that virginity is precious and considering the fact that anything that cannot be regained after it is lost is invaluable. Others argue that since men are not confined to terms of virginity, why should women be.
Some Christians have the belief that since Mary the mother of Jesus was a virgin, she was considered pure and worthy to conceive the messiah and young girls should tow the line of chastity of never giving into sexual temptations while a typical American will always say integrity matters, virginity does not.
In my conclusion, though it is often stated that virginity should be a gift from two partners after marriage. It is often a matter of personal preference and what the partners want. The decision should always be made with due consideration but it should not hinder the peace and happiness of anyone’s life. What is your opinion?

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