The Abandoned Child

Oh mother nature!
Why has thou brought suffering to me
Why has thou brought sorrow to me
Why has thou brought shame to me
Perils and anguish I wear as a crown
Walking the streets with a frown
Laughing at what would have been like a clown
Motherly love and affection I never felt
Lost to my ill fate on the curb
The bosom that should bring succour brought pain
Abandoned on the streets to the mercy of the rain
Wash away the pain!
Oh! Wash away the pain!

Oh mother nature!
I cry the cry of a worthless soul
Devoid of affection, love and glow
Why can’t a soul choose a destination
A destination far from present chaos
I stand in this not alone
Deserted in hundreds we litter the globe
Carrying a burden we know nothing of
The burden of never looking into the eyes that gave life
Of never tasting the warm fluid from the lactating breast

Oh mother nature!
Curse those who curse their offspring
What a grave thing they have done
Preying on the vulnerability of the young
I cry the cry of change and not revenge
Praying that one day this madness will end
Every child deserves to grow with warmth and love
No child is worth living to the mercy of the night
I speak for all
I speak for change
Until it is achieved I bow my head in shame
This is the cry of an abandoned child.

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