Seeing you


Lucia woke up with elation, today her dreams will finally come true, all the effort and commitment of the past year was going to be reaped. She checked her time. Sixteen minutes past five o’clock in the morning. Does that mean she had slept for less than four hours? She chuckled at what anticipation could do to someone. She slept with thoughts of it and woke up with thoughts of it. She has been counting down for the past two months. Each morning bringing her closer to her happiness. She sat up and scrunched herself. Her knees touching her chin as her head swam with happy thoughts and what will be, places to go, friends to visit, rolls in the hay. All the people that ever admonished her would see how wrong they were. With the thought of that she felt a slight pang of foreboding but she quickly brushed it off. Pessimistic thinking spoils the moment and sometimes brings ill luck too. She got up from the bed to stare at herself in the long oval mirror. These past weeks she had taken extra care of herself, lost a few pounds, flossed regularly, trips to the spa, bought sexy lingerie. She liked her reflection in the mirror.
She was glad she woke up early thereby giving herself ample time to make the final arrangements to make sure things were on cue. She had an expensive dinner party planned out at the choicest restaurant in town. It cost her a fortune on her drastically diminishing funds but she did not want to get bothered. Everything was going to be just fine.
The beginning of last month had been a very trying time for her but she was glad she managed to scale through. From selling her luxury car to moving into a smaller apartment to getting a loan from her bank and even eating into her business capital just to make sure he was hale and hearty and in echelon condition for him to come and give her his sweet sugar. It gladdened her heart whenever he tells her of how she was God sent to him. His personal Messiah. Well, why wouldn’t she be his messiah when he was all she ever wanted. She had never met someone so loving and caring and the fact that she was going to get back all she ever spent by a 100% made her giddy with excitement.
They made it to the airport two hours earlier than the arrival time, she just could not wait. She was accompanied by her sister and best friend.
Everyone that flew in with flight 207 where already at the arrival lounge, some hugging friends and family, the lone ones already moving about their business. She stood patiently scanning the faces for her knight in shining armour.
Three hours later she sat staring straight ahead, her face devoid of expressions, a stony gaze in her eyes. Her friend and sister tried in vain to make her snap out by telling her the disappointment was not the end of the world. She had opened her messenger to hear from him and ask why he was not on the scheduled flight, to ask if he was okay. She saw a bold text from him written in capitals. “I AM SORRY.”
They finally managed to take her home, she asked to be left alone to try and gain sanity and recollect her thoughts.
The next morning they found her dead in her room. She had overdosed on a bottle of pills.500xNxdrugabuse_istock-22153549-bottle-of-pills-spilled.jpg.pagespeed.ic.X2Hwz7y4Po


Meanwhile, somewhere in Nigeria, Wole was celebrating the purchase of a new SUV with his friends.

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