Sugar daddy

The hotel lobby was exquisitely furnished, bric-a-bracs lined the walls, the settee plush and comfortable. Soft music wafted through hidden speakers. The big wall screen television showed football without audio. The hotel oozed class and was acknowledged as one of the best in town for a reason.
Sandra sat on one of the settees patiently waiting for her friend to come downstairs. The posh receptionist had kindly told her to seat and wait. Minutes later Gladys got off the elevator walking towards her. A tall sexy light skinned damsel. They hugged, had a brief tête-à-tête before Gladys invited her upstairs to her suite.
The suite was equally exquisite with state of the art appliances. Sandra presumed it to cost a fortune to spend a night here and from here calculations Gladys has been chilling here for close to a week and did not show signs of checking out anytime soon.
“Damn girl! You living the life” Sandra humoured her friend still looking the room over.
“You know how I do” Gladys replied flirtingly, wriggling her hips. “Only the best. You gotta milk them, they got it, so you make them spend it” she continued brazenly with a chuckle.”
“I’m so towing you line girl, me been dulling a long time, love and shiii with em fuckboys and they end up breaking your heart.”
“Yeah, you been dulling babes, with that pretty face and fat booty, yous some hot cake.”
“Oh yeah…. You can say that again” Sandra enthused checking out herself in the long rectangular mirror, giggling. She stood at 5’4 with nice curves, raven hair and a pretty face.
Gladys came and stood beside her in the mirror. “Don gon be here soon and he’s coming with a friend, told him to, that something ravishing awaits.” She said, rolling the word ravishing in her tongue in her usual bad girl demeanour. “By the way, you can order anything you want.”
“Thanks I’m good” Sandra replied modestly.
“Come on babes, don’t be shy, it’s not your money” Gladys teased.
They ordered food and drinks. Eating and drinking as they gossiped on trending topics.
Gladys got a call from Don that he was on his way up with his friend.
The two girls readied themselves. In a short while a soft rasp was heard on the door. Gladys opened the door for both men.
Don was a short bespectacled man who always had something to say, full of life and witty jokes. He was the CEO of a big oil firm and cash was never in short supply. His family were based abroad. He and Gladys has been in a relationship for close to a year. He steady showered Gladys with gifts and money.
His friend who he simply introduced as Tony was a senator of the federal republic, he stood at over six feet, slightly potbellied with a serious expression. The two friends were the opposite of each other in terms of appearance.
Gladys and Don excused themselves on the pretext of going to chill at the bush bar so Sandra and Tony could get acquainted.
Sandra and Tony were now alone in the room. An awkward silence hung for a little while between them before Tony broke the ice.
“You’re a very beautiful  young lady, you know” Tony addressed her, adjusting himself to face her.
“Thanks” Sandra said with a blush.
“You’re welcome, I know you get that alot.”
“Sometimes” came her coy reply.
Tony smiled and edged towards her position on the bed. “I’ll really like to get to know you more, you know, take care of you. I’ll like to be your friend. A very close friend.”
“We just met, let’s see how it goes.”
They continued talking, gradually getting familiar. After some time, Gladys and Don came back. The men stayed a while before leaving the company of the two girls.
The next day, Gladys awakened Sandra to the new that Tony had sent her a hundred grand. A token to Sandra for giving him the opportunity to get to know her. Sandra was really happy, getting a hundred grand for allowing herself to be known. It all seemed too easy. When she hears about meeting older men, she always envisaged old randy dandies but Tony was far from that. In his early fifties and good looking.
In the weeks that followed, Tony and Sandra rendezvoused severally, had sex a couple of times and the gifts and cash kept on coming. In less than three months, Sandra’s lifestyle changed automatically. She suddenly could afford the finer things and always had a lot to spare.

Mrs Regina Bode rode in the backseat of the metallic black Lexus SUV. Her mind running in circles. For the past seven months, Tony was hardly ever at home, one meeting after another, one out of the state commitment after another. She could swear he was having an affair. A serious one. It was not the first time she was handling such. Tony derailed at times but she always had her way of dealing with it. She knew he cheated on her but she was really happy in the marriage and she benefitted alot plus for the sake of the kids, she kept his affairs on the low. Though she could try and deal with his infidelity, she was always weary when a mistress becomes persistent. The type that were a threat to her home. The potential home wreckers. She had her way of dealing with the few and Tony’s current affair was seriously getting out of hand. She was currently on the mission of finding out who the girl was, her profile, her background before she considered her next line of action.

Sandra drove into her street in her brand new Kia Rio purchased for her by Tony as a birthday gift. She could not thank Gladys enough for introducing her to Tony. Last month he had sponsored her vacation to Dubai and another trip was scheduled in some months time to the Bahamas. She had gotten really fond of Tony and genuinely looked forward to spending time with him. She sometimes got jealous whenever he had to leave to be with his family. She loved it when he bemoaned that his love for her was making him spend less time with his family. She didn’t care if he spent all day with her, she wanted Tony not only because more time with him brought extra gifts and more money. Gladys had advised her to do her best when it comes to satisfying the senator. Too much sauce will only make him keep coming back for more. She submitted to her friends advice giving Tony her body anyhow he wanted it. Threesomes, anal, BDSM, anything she figured he was not getting at home. Moreover she had her grand plan of making Tony stay in her life for a long long time.
She pulled up to her gate and was about honking for the security man to open up when two hard looking men rushed up to her wielding pistols. They ordered her out of her car and bundled her into a waiting sedan.

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