Same sex

I woke up to whispers of my name from a familiar voice then a vigorous tug on my ankle. I heard the name calling in my unconscious surreal realm before it slowly transcended to reality, the physical contact confirming I was being called in the tangible world. Since I became a student of the federal government boys college less than a year ago, I had only had cause to wake up once before 5 am, when one boy had woken everyone up with shouts as if he was possessed and pursued by a thousand masquerades. I languorously rubbed my eyes trying to make out the figure before me. It was Johnson, my classmate. His notorious bighead looming larger than usual.

“Johnson”, I called out to him still squinting. “What’s up?, What’s happening” I said a bit to loudly causing the dude on the bunk bed beside me to stir.

“Shussh” Johnson replied, quickly placing a finger on his lips. “Follow me”, he added hastily.

I was not about to follow Johnson to where I did not know and I made it obvious with my reluctant actions.

“Oboy, you will tell me where-

“Senior Stunna said I should call you” he interrupted.

On the mention of Senior Stunna I was up. The senior who had saved me thrice from being caned or punished in the past two weeks. I quickly picked up my pyjama shirts on top my cupboard beside my bunk. It was customary to wear pyjamas to bed but sometimes the heat gets unbearable, so I swap the shirt for singlets although I always made sure to keep it close so I can hastily put it on in case of any eventuality.

I followed Johnson out of the long rectangular hall popularly known as Zanga, carefully avoiding bunk beds, buckets and cupboards, anything that could make unnecessary sounds. Johnson was in the same block with Senior Stunna, block C, I was a resident of block A. We walked past block B, then got to block C, rather than entering the open wooden door, Johnson motioned me to tiptoe across. I was a little skeptical regarding where he was leading me to. What if I was about to fall prey to a prank but I continued with him, I quickly reasoned that definitely Senior Stunna would not call me into a hostel when the rule was to be in bed at that time. I pressed the button on my Casio electronic wristwatch. 2:17 am. I always wore my wristwatch to bed to avoid it getting pilfered and also for quick access to the time (you need to always be on guard for the time in the federal boys college). We crossed block C, then entered the narrow path dividing C from D that led to the gymnasium. The night was humid with a half moon assisting our vision. When we got to the gym, rather than going through the front door, we used the back. Senior Stunna was the sports prefect. The way Johnson scaled the low stile that barricaded the back entrance then swiftly darted to the left corridor that opened up to the dressing rooms, I knew he had been here at these times quite a number of times. He usually was on the clumsy side. I followed suit.

We entered the male dressing room where Senior Stunna sat hunched talking to another senior I recognized as Senior Okey, a non-post holding senior but who was equally well respected. Rumor had it he had turned down an official post. A long bottle was on the floor between them. They noticed our presence, pausing their conversation and raising their heads.

“Good evening seniors” I blurted out. My heart had started thumping the second I laid my eyes on them, the truth was I still did not know the reason for being summoned. They both answered me with a warm smile, Senior Stunna reminding me it was morning. Johnson bumped fists with Senior Stunna who congratulated him for being swift and successful before he went to seat meekly beside Senior Okey, a little too closely I noticed.

Senior Stunna beckoned me to come sit beside him.

The corner of the dressing room where we lounged would have been pitch black if not that it was close to the window and the louvers were open so the moon could shine through. They probably had decided against any form of artificial lightning that could rouse attention. The dressing room was narrow and long with metal lockers and benches. A long metal locker divided it in half making it have two equal parts. I sat beside Senior Stunna, a few inches separating us.

He asked me how I was coping with the Federal college and other terse trivia. All questions I answered humbly.

Senior Okey reached out to the bottle and took a long swig then passed it to Johnson who took a short one before passing it to Senior Stunna. He drank then passed it on to me. I have never really taken alcohol, just small quantities of stout mixed with malt my Mom gave me in sips. It felt sissy to reject the drink. I took the bottle, quickly trying to peruse the label on it but it was useless reading in the dim light provided by the moon, the number 501 being the only thing I could see in the body of the heavy bottle. I took a swig, shutting my eyes. The strong alcoholic content hit me, bringing some seconds of nausea and a burning sensation down my throat. It was not foul tasting, a little on the sweet side, though my breath felt hot in my nostrils. When I opened my eyes, six eyeballs were on me. I managed a grin to let them know everything was okay. We passed the bottle randomly, not really talking much. After a while, Senior Okey stood up and proceeded to the other side of the divide taking Johnson along with him. I was now alone with Senior Stunna unsure of what to do or what to say. Before long, I felt his arms around my shoulder drawing me close to him.

“I like you, Brown”, his breath was hot, his voice sounded twangy. “I want to protect and take care of you. To be close to you. For you to be close to me”. His fingers were now brushing slightly on my nipple.

Silence. I did not have anything to say.

The alcohol I guess was having an effect on me, I had a dull sensation in my head though my body was still alert and very responsive. My environment was swirling ever so slightly. His fingers on my nipple did not feel so bad after all. I was finally able to mutter a weak “Okay Senior”.

His breath was hot and raspy against my neck, his hands were incessantly groping my body, up and down my thighs were I noticed I got stiff in-between. I also realized my breathing was quick and my heart thumped faster than usual.

I don’t know how long we were at it, I think at some point my thoughts slipped and I lost track. I could only remember Senior Okey coming to tell us it was time to leave.

As I slipped into bed, my head was banging. The time was 4:02 am according to my Casio.

I had been given assurance by Senior Stunna that I could stay in bed for as long as I wanted to, that he was going to come check on me in the morning and declare me sick for the day. He described the action as the beginning of the many privileges I was going to enjoy being close to him.

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